If you like the game and would like to support it, please consider donating anything and you will receive credit on my site and in game.

I am getting thousands of hits between all the sites that I am posted on but very little feedback.

Please post in my forums or contact me direct, the time you take will make for a better game for you and that is my goal. Thanks.

Looking for free talent- if you are a 3D modeler and animator I am looking for help with asset creation for my game.

1. You will receive a full page to advertise on my site any way you like and links back to whatever you want .

2. You will receive credit on my site and in the game.

3. You will help showcase your talents and make The Guardians Quest a kick ass game.

4. You will have my deepest gratitude and help in your own endeavors.

If interested, check out my site and drop me a line, thanks.

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The Quest

Percentage Done

Time To Beta Release9%

Saturday, June 24, 2017 06:36 PM


3.1b IS UP for Web and Pc, Mac.

If you experience crashes lower your graphics settings or choose fastest in the Unity setup window.

Challenge-Play testers try and make it through without using the firewater.

The Guardians Quest

Guardians Quest is an action Top down and 3rd person solo RPG under development .

You are the hero and belong to the council of guardians sworn to protect this land from all threats, and something is stirring...

Download for Pc, Mac or play on the Web.

Become a member and Beta tester through the development cycle and you will receive a free copy of the game when complete for your feedback-