The Guardians Quest Instructions.


WASD- to move.
Up-Down arrow keys to move forward and backward.


L-mouse hold to rotate camera
Left-Right arrow keys to rotate camera left and right.
Scroll wheel will move you into top down or 3rd person view.


Single left click to select NPC.
Dbl left click to make new selection.
Click something else to un-select.

With Npc selected-

Left click on enemy to attack with skill in slot 1
Left click on any skill to fire it.
Dbl left click to set auto fire.
Right click anywhere to fire any skill that is in slot 2.
Dbl right click anywhere to set auto fire on any skill in slot 2.

You can put skills and items in any slot you want through their individual screens.

Each skill or weave has a minimum distance to use and you will move in to attack.

For the play-test build you will start like the real game with these exceptions.

1. You will start with the Fire water skill that has been jacked up to kill anything.
2. You start with $20.000 Gp

Aside from that the game is the same as the player version.

Have fun and please leave feedback.

Very much in Alpha, with many things to implement, your feedback is very important, thanks.